Why We Love Flight Simulators (And You Should, Too!)

Flying a plane is not something that many people get to experience in their lifetime, but a flight simulator is an amazing way to experience handling something so majestic and powerful.

One of our absolute favourite flight simulator experiences is our Boeing 747 simulator. The 747 is a stunning feat of human engineering, harnessing the powers of physics in the most impressive way possible. This simulator was owned originally by Aer Lingus and was even used to train their Boeing 747 pilots!! With this experience you get to really feel what flying this plane is all about.

A320 Flight DeckThe visual graphics within the experience are generated by the latest software from the USA, giving you a wide screen experience of sweeping landscapes and captivating city-scapes. One of the reasons we love flight simulators so much is that you are instantly transported to a world completely different from the one you left when you entered the flight simulator. In the Boeing 747 simulator, escape into the magical world of the Hong Kong skyline, with glittering skyscrapers and cars crawling like ants down below you. In a flight simulator, you are truly king of the skies! Admire the glittering water and the magical colours like you are there!

Although the visual graphics are spectacular, one of the most incredible things about flight simulators is the vibration motors in the Boeing 747 used to simulate the motion of a real aircraft! You feel like you are flying and we think that is pretty amazing. Check out the trip advisor reviews to appreciate just how sweaty palmed a flight simulator can get!

We love the Boeing 747 experience, but motion flight simulators add another element to your flight experience- and we love it! The motion simulated flight experiences include a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320 adventure, the motion flight simulator shows you what it would be like to go wrong and how it feels for the pilot when he touches down (sometimes a nerve racking experience!)

Inside The Flight SimulatorFlight simulators are brilliant gift for a friend or loved one on their birthday or special event. Being in control of an aircraft and learning new skills and facts about aircraft is not something everybody gets to experience, so if you know someone who loves taking risks and trying new gifts then this could be the perfect experience day for them.

At Flight Simulators Midlands, we use REAL flight simulators which have been used by training pilots before they take control of a real plane.  We love flight simulators because you get a real flight experience in a flight simulator used by the professionals! You could not get closer to flying a 747 for real and we cannot get enough of it!

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